Faq : All about FS Patrons

FS Patrons is a simple, affordable way for you to directly support the FontStruct project by making
a small, regular donation.

It is a sponsorship programme. By signing up, you become a kind of patron for the project. Perhaps you are familiar with the crowd-funding of creatives on the Patreon platform – FS Patrons is taking the same kind of approach.

Where do I get it?

Sign up here for FS Patrons (NB You need to be logged into FontStruct.)


FontStruct is committed to providing a free service for all of its users. We are funded by our generous commercial sponsors and by a small amount of advertising. These things pay for the infrastructure, allowing FontStruct to survive, but we need more support, your support, to keep the project actually moving forward. That is why we are introducing FS Patrons.

What’s in it for me?

The principal, guaranteed reward is the happy knowledge that you are helping to support a worthwhile project; a project which has given pleasure to many hundreds of thousands of modular typographers all over the world, and created a unique archive of grid-based typography.

In addition, these two benefits are guaranteed:

  • No Ads or Nags. Logged-in FS Patrons will see no third-party adverts or “nag” screens.
  • As an FS Patron, you can (optionally) pin your heart to your pixelated sleeve, and add the “FS Patron” badge to your avatar.

– That’s basically it, but in addition, we will always try to provide some features exclusively to Patrons, at least for a period of time – a bit like an “early access” programme.

Current, exclusive features for Patrons:

  • OpenType download of own designs
  • The option to offer others OpenType downloads
  • Some additional, advanced download settings such as a range of “Em Square” options, and the option to use floating point coordinates in OpenType fonts.

Please note that FS Patrons is not a feature-packed version of FontStruct. Apart from the two guaranteed benefits above, signing up for FS Patrons does not guarantee you access to ANY extra features, or any kind of privileged support channel. 

How much?

The FS Patrons  programme costs 5€ every month or 55€ a year. Optionally, and without any additional benefits beyond our boundless gratitude, you can pay 10€ a month / 110€ a year. 

How do I get it?

It’s a paypal subscription. You can cancel your next payment at any time.

Sign up here for FS Patrons.


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