Faq : General Behaviour

FontStruct does not have a formal or fixed code of conduct, but we endeavour, as far as our resources allow and with the help of our community of users, to keep the site as welcoming to all as reasonably possible.

For this reason, we ask users to communicate respectfully and patiently with each other as far as they are capable. Disagreement and civil argument is fine, but personally abusive, sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted language will be removed as soon as it is identified and users publishing abuse may lose commenting rights or other privileges. We are very reluctant to close accounts entirely but we will do so if users are persistently abusive.

Technically it is not permitted to hold multiple accounts. Practically it is impossible to prevent this and I know that many users do maintain multiple accounts and personae for legitimate reasons. Duplicate accounts created solely for the purpose of spamming or spreading abuse on the site are likely to be closed.

For all victims of “trolls” we would advise you to be wary of provoking trolls or giving them more attention than they merit. Often those misbehaving online are people with offline challenges who also need a measure of mature sympathy.

Feel free to let us know via the contact page if you experience or witness abuse on the site.

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