Faq : What is the “Newer Version Exists” warning?

You may occasionally see a warning dialog in the FontStructor with a title such as “A Newer Version Exists”.

This warning means that you have a design open in the FontStructor for which there is a newer saved version on the server.

The warning should only appear if you work on your FontStruction on multiple devices, browsers, or in multiple browser tabs. 

If you can avoid it, it’s a good idea not to have your designs open in more than one editor at the same time. You can use multiple browsers and devices of course, but it’s best to close the FontStructor in one place, before opening it in another. If you ignore this advice, you are likely to seriously corrupt your design.

An example of what not to do would be this:

1) You open your FontStruction on your desktop computer at home. You do some work and save it. Fine!
2) You open the same FontStruction in your tablet on the train. You do some work and save it. Fine!
3) Back home. You go back to your desktop. Hey! the FontStructor is still open there, that’s convenient. You start work once more. Everything seems fine … What’s that annoying warning about?

Everything is not fine. The FontStructor on your desktop computer doesn’t know about the changes you made on the train. As you continue to work on the desktop and save your changes, your FontStruction is very likely being corrupted. The most common form of corruption would be a jumbling of the bricks. 

The solution is simple:

If you use multiple devices or browsers, always close the Fontstructor when you leave one browser/device, and most importantly, always reload the browser when you sit down at another.

The “Newer Version Exists” warning dialog should help you to avoid corrupting your files, by reminding you to follow this best practice and to reload your browser.


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