Faq : Saving Problems

The FontStructor editor saves your creations on the FontStruct server when you press the Save button. 99.9% of the time this is a straightforward process which works well. Since FontStruct started a lot of work has been done to make this process even more reliable and much faster.

In a few rare cases however, the saving process may fail for some reason. This almost always happens when people create very large FontStructions — with a large grid and many bricks and/or many, many letters. Creative and ambitious FontStructors have used the FontStructor to create things on a far bigger scale than was imagined by the original creators of FontStruct. If you do work on a very large FontStruction, be careful and read the following tips.

Save regularly. For example, after completing work on each letter.

After you press the Save button, keep an eye on the bottom left hand corner of the FontStructor. There you will see a progress indicator and, upon completion, a message indicating success or failure. If you see an error message, your changes have not been saved.

If you see an error message, try saving again, perhaps after waiting for a while (the server might be busy). If repeated saves do not work, your FontStruction is almost certainly too big for the system. You will have to lose recent changes and consider splitting your FontStruction into multiple smaller FontStructions (by cloning and then deleting letters).

Some people also keep their FontStruction homepage open in another browser window. After saving in the FontStructor, they can reload this page to check that the changes really have been saved.


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