Dwalin Bold

by Frodo7
See also Dwalin Stencil by Frodo7.

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Info: Created on 17th September 2011 . Last edited on 4th December 2016.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Dwalin Bold” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 19th August 2016

I love this kind of fonts:-) ! Congrats on the new TP, master Frodo7!

Comment by elmoyenique 19th August 2016
Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 19th August 2016

@ Rob Meek: Thank you very much for the special mention. There is a problem with the TrueType download. I get the following message: The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error". The Glyphs download works fine.

Comment by Frodo7 19th August 2016

@elmoyenique: Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean saying this kind of fonts. Simple, almost minimalistic look, clear cut angles, and pleasant proportions. I'd like to develop a typeface with at least two weights, and character sets supporting all European languages (except Greek). Spanish already fully supported. I've spent a lot of time just to make the diacritical marks look proper. The current ones are the fourth iterations. I'm working on the subscript/superscript figures, and fractions. That's my favorite part: I love sculpting the tiny numbers using composites.

Comment by Frodo7 19th August 2016

@Sychoff: Thank you for your illustrated comment. I've made the changes you've suggested. The modification of Л, Љ makes sense. In case of the У my original version was the same as yours, but later for whatever reason, I copied the Latin Y. The Д: I'm not sure. Your cut version implies a serif font. San serifs have blocky feet usually. Still, I have changed it the way your picture showed, and it didn't look nice. Then, I modified it again, along with the small tails of Ц and Щ. Now they all look super Cyrillic but lost the overall minimalist style.

This is my first serious venture to into Cyrillic territory beyond the Russian alphabet. In this project, I try to support as many languages using the Cyrillic script as possible. I've learned Russian in school for many years, but it is obviously not the same depth of knowledge as being native Russian. I very much appreciate any help I get. 

Comment by Frodo7 19th August 2016

I understand why members call you a master of fonts here. All your designs look perfect. Congratulations on the Top Pick. 

Comment by Scriptoresque 20th August 2016

@Frodo7: Д and д looks too wide. Maybe you should make descanters bigger like in ITC Machine. I'm glad that I could help.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 20th August 2016

Yeah. I agree with elmoyenique. I love this kind of fonts.

Comment by thalamic 20th August 2016

@Sychoff: I've made the Д, д narrower by 2 full bricks. They look a lot better now. I'm also very proud of the improved б. You see, without your help this font would have remained mediocre, riddled with small defects. To me, the original б, Л, Д, У, looked just fine. The very fact you've taken time and made two comments sent me the message: they were not acceptable. Thanks again.

@Scriptoresque: Thank you for your praising words. Well, I'm no master of fonts by any means, and my designs are far from perfect. The more I learn about typeface design the more imperfections I see. All fonts have their share of compromises. After building fonts here for many years I've attained a good level of proficiency of Fontstruct. But even my knowledge of Fontstruct is incomplete. There are some fontstructions in the Gallery I couldn't have possibly made. I have no inkling of the sophisticated tricks used to make them. 

On the other hand, anybody can master Fontstruct and create beautiful works with a bit of patience, stamina, and attention to detail.

Comment by Frodo7 20th August 2016

@thalamic: That makes us three. Though it's not a pixel font, the sample text looks nice at pixel view. Having the optimal proportions comes with a price. I'm working on a thin/regular version, and the letters just don't look right. Thank you for your comment and vote.

Comment by Frodo7 20th August 2016

sorry that is not said before. I thank you for your interest in Cyrillic , and that listening to my advice.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 20th August 2016

@Sychoff: I've changed both. The ˘ (breve) was an early version left behind while all other diacritics were updated. Now it looks more robust. My interest in Cyrillic script is not new. I've made a few fonts with Cyrillic set (but nothing beyond the Russian alphabet). The reasons are obvious: I can read and write Russian text; there is substancial overlapping with the Latin script, in terms of letter shapes; I think Cyrillic letters are beautiful. Unlike any other non-Latin scrip (e.g. Katakana, Devanagari, Arabic, Tengwar), Cyrillic requires little extra effort once the Latin set is complete. Check out the following: Hurin , Fontstructivism , Hasta Siempre , Ecthelion . 

Thanks again.

Comment by Frodo7 20th August 2016
Comment by Frodo7 21st August 2016

[Source: Wikipedia - Властелин колец]

Comment by Frodo7 21st August 2016
Comment by Frodo7 22nd August 2016

Can you cut the top left corners of the daggers so that you can turn them. And also, can you add an extra line to the yen and can you make the R in the circle bigger. and can you make al alternative N

Comment by brynda1231 19th September 2016

Can you add a stroke to the number 0.

Comment by brynda1231 19th September 2016

@brynda1231: Thank you for your comments. I am open minded to any suggestions as long as they help to improve this project.

Daggers: I'm not sure I understand how would you "turn them". I only made a cut at the bottom to indicate that was the pointed tip of the blade. Why would I do the same on the hilt?

Yen: Yes, it's possible.

®: I think, you want this sign to be the same size as the ©. Yes, that's possible. Usually, the ® is in superscript and small, unlike the ©.

Alternate N: Yes, it's possible. I already have the diagonal stroke in the Cyrillic И, but don't expect the result to be phenomenal.

Slashed zero: I already have that glyph in the extended Latin set supporting Scandinavian languages: Ø I know it's a problem having identical glyphs for the capital O and number zero. The proposed Ø for zero may solve the problem in English, but creates new conflicts in other languages. The simple geometry of this font leaves very little wiggle room, if any at all, to make a difference between the O and 0.

Comment by Frodo7 19th September 2016

@brynda1231: I've created a full size ®, and an alternate N. They've been placed temporarily in the extended Latin set. I have also redesigned the ¥ symbol with double horizontal strokes. Since I already used thinner strokes for the €, there was no reason not to do the same for the Japanese currency. It looks OK.

Comment by Frodo7 19th September 2016

This reminds me of the old Letraset catalog font entitled "Pioneer". The angularity on the opposite sides of the letters is a cool touch.

Comment by Ryan Brotherston (rilencavy) 21st September 2016

Great work!

Comment by Ryan Brotherston (rilencavy) 21st September 2016

It will give a 403: Forbidden if you try to download it here by changing adress to the font# marked all rights reseved!!

Comment by brynda1231 4th October 2016

Japanese? Dingbats? Greek? Please add those.

Comment by brynda1231 4th October 2016

Including the Capital Final Sigma

Comment by brynda1231 4th October 2016

I have just now noticed, that Н н is confused with И и. The stroke in И и should be lifted above, to top of the letter. You plan to alter cyrillics in other your fonts with support of cyrillics? The most recommendations same, as to this font. If the answer positive I can look.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 7th October 2016

@Sychoff: I've made the modifications you have suggested. Thank you. I'm working on two new typefaces which might have Cyrillic sets. They are not ready yet. You are very kind offering me peer review in advance.

Comment by Frodo7 9th October 2016

Can you add greek + the capital final sigma

Comment by brynda1231 9th October 2016

How many unique bricks are in your font?


Comment by brynda1231 12th October 2016

@brynda1231: Most of these composite bricks are byproducts of the Stack Pen, and not developed as composites.

Comment by Frodo7 14th October 2016

Frodo7, I dare you to make a font using up to 32 bricks, the square and circle bricks are required, you must use no less than 25.

Comment by brynda1231 16th October 2016

Min. glyphs: 27,500

Comment by brynda1231 16th October 2016

@frodo7 saved the pic for reference

Comment by brynda1231 16th October 2016

you should definitely create stencils of this.

Comment by brynda1231 31st October 2016

Can you show us a grid

Comment by brynda1231 31st October 2016
Comment by brynda1231 31st October 2016
Comment by brynda1231 31st October 2016

@brynda1231: Stencil version? Not a bad idea. It won't be easy, though, because of the small grid size.

Diacritical marks: There is no cast iron rule they should be centered. They should look natural, aesthetically pleasing. Since the flow of text of the Latin script is from left to right, it is not uncommon to position the right-leaning marks a bit off center toward the right.

Fractions: There is no need to create manually all the fractions. Glyphs app, I use for post production, does generate all possible fractions provided the necessary ingredients are there (small numerals for the numerator and the denominator, and the fraction slash).

Lucky to have Fontstruct on your Android mobile.

Comment by Frodo7 1st November 2016

@Frodo7 I bet you cant make a font with over 50,000 glyphs with 32 total bricks (Square and Circle required)

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

Also, Puffin.

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

A is 12 bricks wide

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

A is 21 bricks tall

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

Like this?

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

@frodo7 I used half-bricks in the middle to make a stencil A

Comment by brynda1231 1st November 2016

Well, I've made a stencil version this morning - since today is a holiday in my country. And yes, I used half bricks, instead of nudging. It was quite straightforward. The Latin set is almost done. There are a few kinks left to iron out. I'll do the Cyrillic later. 

Comment by Frodo7 1st November 2016

I like the modern chunky look and the cut corners make it pleasant to read. But please don't make 27.5k glyphs fonts, you'd spend weeks without family, job, food and sleep...

Comment by Aeolien 2nd November 2016

@Aeolien: Thank you for your comment. Don't worry, I will not consider any project that involves 27.5k glyphs. That is clearly Kanji territory, not supported by FS at present. Besides, style and beauty matter most in typeface design, not the number of glyphs. Quality, not quantity. Sometimes people invest lots of time and effort so as to create typefaces that support a large number of languages with several thousand glyphs. That is admirable, and they have all my respect. 

Comment by Frodo7 2nd November 2016

thank you

Comment by AhmedAzzouz 2nd November 2016

You can take breaks every 500-800 glyphs

Comment by brynda1231 3rd November 2016


Comment by arun 17th November 2016

I dare you to do a serif version of this font.

Comment by brynda1231 19th November 2016

no º or ª in latin 1? still, i think ican do greek on this one. also, i typed this on an xbox...

Comment by brynda1231 20th November 2016

polish support?

Comment by brynda1231 20th November 2016

@brynda1231: I'll take care of the missing superscript letters. Polish support: not anytime soon. Eventually, however, I'd like to make Dwalin Bold support all European languages using the Latin as well as the Cyrillic script. 

Comment by Frodo7 21st November 2016

try a serif version....

Comment by brynda1231 22nd November 2016

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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