bearcat's jalopy

by caterpillar's.kimono

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a more jagged art deco font

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    Created on 1st May 2021. Last edited on 22nd December 2021.
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Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 22nd december 2021

Elegant approach. A more curved S (as well as roundness in some numbers) is slightly missed.

Comment by elmoyenique 22nd december 2021
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “bearcat's jalopy” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd december 2021


Comment by elmoyenique 22nd december 2021

elmoyenique, thank you for the kind words. the lack of roundness was deliberate, but fear not, the softer edges will pop up in some later designs~

mr. meek, the top pick is greatly appreciated and a wonderful holiday gift, many thanks!

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 22nd december 2021
Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 22nd december 2021

Another interesting art deco font. The distinction between 0,O and Q works well.

Comment by four 28th december 2021

four, quite glad you like it~

logan2020, quite glad you like it as well, and thank you for the sample

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 28th december 2021

Can you tell me how you made "A"? I'm a noob so I don't know alot of things. I can"t find the brick that could make that A angle

I only see 45degrees triangle and 30degrees triangle

Comment by ijuyeong0000 28th december 2021

ijuyeong0000, the "a" was made with a composite brick in "expert mode" from two 30° triangles to make a 15° triangle glyph and then nudging the new glyphs together 

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 29th december 2021

Thank you for telling me!

Comment by ijuyeong0000 29th december 2021

happy to help ^-^

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 29th december 2021

This can be a way.

Comment by elmoyenique 29th december 2021

Thank you too!

Comment by ijuyeong0000 30th december 2021

I wanna make A like this. How can I make this?

Comment by ijuyeong0000 30th december 2021

@ijuyeong0000 - The answer is more of a moderate/expert level discussion than a novice or "noob" (as you put it) level, and thus cannot be explained easily.  As previously mentioned above, you need to experiment with composite bricking (as well as erasing unwanted/unnecessary composite elements):

Expert Mode : Brick Stacking and Composite Bricks

Fontstruct 2.0 Update (now includes Removing Composite Elements)

Your requested angle is ~82°/~08°/90°, so you would need a set of 7 bricks (one 45° angle + 6 full blocks) to recreate an approximation.

The current limitation of Composites is 16 bricks total, either empty or filled at creation.  Here are the possible shapes:
– 1 brick tall by maximum 16 bricks wide *or* maximum 16 bricks tall by 1 brick wide
– 2 bricks tall by maximum 8 bricks wide *or* maximum 8 bricks tall by 2 bricks wide
– 3 bricks tall by maximum 5 bricks wide *or* maximum 5 bricks tall by 3 bricks wide
– 4 bricks tall by maximum 4 bricks wide *or* maximum 4 bricks tall by 4 bricks wide

Or, you could take advantage of sets that have already been created by thoughtful FontStructors over the years, like this one from DJ Nippa (be sure to read the description before cloning):

All Composites Saved In My Bricks 3.0

And it is highly recommeneded that you cycle between the Solid and Outline display modes by using the "O" keyboard shortcut.  It will make it much easier to see the elements that make up your "squished" compsites and how they work together.  Good luck!

(And my appologies to @swash.buckler for barging into your comment section.)

Comment by Goatmeal 30th december 2021
Comment by Goatmeal 30th december 2021

goatmeal, no worries, the sentiment is appreciated~

thank you for the wonderful explanation, much more in-depth than my previous lackluster simplification

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 31st december 2021

Thank you @goatmeal for explaning and I also apologize to @swash.buckler for making your comment section noisy.Thank you all for helping me. I will do my best making my font and share with you guys. Thank you

Comment by ijuyeong0000 31st december 2021

@ijuyeong0000 - You are most welcome, and we look forward to you future creations!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 31st december 2021

ijuyeong0000, it's quite alright, best of luck with the font~

Comment by caterpillar's.kimono 1st january 2022


Comment by Dayana Condolo 28th june 2023

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