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A condensed neoclassical "Didone" serif typeface.

Info: Created on 24th April 2019 . Last edited on Sun, 14th June.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Sed4tives 9th June 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 9th June 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 10th June 2019

Excellent work! The 4 just looks a tad too wide and sharp compared to other characters, and the "a" within @ could be thicker.

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 10th June 2019

Hey thanks Sarela!

You're right, there are a couple of characters that still need some slight modifications to get them to look better and fitting the rest. 4 is certainly one of those. But maintaining the proper stoke widths as well as translating them to the required angle at the same time proved to be very tricky for some glyphs. Therefor better solutions remain pending for now until I figured it. It remains undownloadable as well untill I feel confident about it to be right!



I am pretty sure I solved "4" now. :)

Comment by Sed4tives 10th June 2019

A lot of new stuff has been added during the last couple of days... It remains under development still  :)

Comment by Sed4tives 13th June 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 13th June 2019

very beautiful and sophisticated

i like that there are several types of numbers :)

Comment by blu. 14th June 2019

Thanks blu!!

Actually I'am finally having the end of it in sight, after several days of excesive kerning and various other background work. I think I have done roughly about 50.000/60.000 pairs so far.

Comment by Sed4tives 14th June 2019

Lovely condensed serif font with an admirable character set. Tons of work, and careful tinkering with custom bricks. Kudos for the outline views. Question: Why do you exhaust yourself with 50-60 000 kerning pairs in Fontstruct? There are better ways to do kerning, even for perfectionists. Look for kerning groups or kerning classes in Glyphs or FontLab, respectively. Saves a lot of time. Great work. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 15th June 2019

@Frodo: First of all thanks for your kind words!  I know there are much more efficient ways for doing this, I am a FontLab studio user as well. The thing for me is that I want my works to look good here at Fontstruct as well. And usually I do just the most important pairs to provide at least good looking font preview modes on the website. This time it seriously got out of hand and I got dragged away by my own obsesive drive for perfection. I can most certainly tell this was a first, and most definitely the last as well.

The joy I nomally find in Fontstructing dropped far bellow zero on this font.

Comment by Sed4tives 15th June 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 16th June 2019

Ligatures 💜

Comment by Sed4tives 16th June 2019

Now the problem with corrupted/missing kerning data I previously had with a different fontstruction is happening to this font as well. When I download and install this font most of the via fontstruct applied kerning no longer translate to the *.TTF file. Previously downloaded versions didn't had this issue.

There seems no way to fix it.

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd June 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 22nd June 2019

In the top written in red is what any new downloaded version looks like. Clearly there are numerous issues troughout the line of text as you can see!

In the bottom written in green is what older downloaded versions looked like, which is a correct display of the font. Also this is what it still looks like when viewed in the Fontstruct editor.

I'm clueless on what is going wrong here, I hope it can be fixed. So far it's the second font of mine that gets ruined this way.

The other one can be found here: STF_DERBY

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd June 2019

This is viewed within the fontstruct editor itself, it all appears to look fine in here...

Comment by Sed4tives 22nd June 2019

Update info:

I reworked some small details, fixed some flaws and made it downloadable. I hope you like it.


Comment by Sed4tives 16th February 2020

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