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Something new I'm working on atm. But I'm not sure about some of the glyphs yet.


It's still a work in progress so every suggestions are more than welcome.

Info: Created on 24th April 2018 . Last edited on 9th September 2018.
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Good start! Some suggestions:

- The x isn't bad as it is, but you could try steeper angles for a narrower look, or make the top right and bottom left strokes thinner.

- The 9 fits better with the rest of the font, so I would use that style for the 6 as well. (Maybe also the 5)

- The question mark, exclamation mark and the top left part of 5 are too thin. The question mark should be roughly like 2.

- I would slightly raise the middle of 2 and lower the middle of 3, and extend the top of 7 to the left. I would also extend the ends of c to make less white space.

- The top curve of f could be shorter so there's not so much white space after it.

- You're missing inner curves on some characters (g, s, y, 2)

- The v should have diagonals to differentiate it from u.

- The middle of w should be thicker to go with m (or use diagonals like the v).

- The quotation mark and apostrophe could face the other way, have horizontal bottoms, or be like the other quotes.

Keep it up!

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 25th April 2018

@V. Sarela (Yautja):

First of all thanks again!

I did some changes so far (not everything yet) anyway, I followed most of your suggestions.

For the numbers 2, 3, 6 and 7 I did exactly as u suggested and Indeed looking better now. But decided to keep 5 as is, I tried your idea and I kinda liked it better the old way. Next I changed the letter w to look more like m as u suggested, and yup, better now.

I haven't done the letter v yet since I started puzzling on x, but I gave up after a while since I couldn't get it to look good yet. So far the toughest letter in this alphabet.

The missing inner curves in the tails of both g and y was done on purpose, same idea was done with the tail on the letter j and terminal on letter t as you can see.

But I think you were right for 2 and s, so I incorporated it on both. The other thing I did is removing the inner curve on the bottom left of 2 since it's leg usually breaks away to the right abruptly.

At last I changed the quotation mark and apostrophe to look like the other quotes.


Comment by Sed4tives 25th April 2018

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