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Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ

Welcome to Tridisaster. It's ALL TRIANGLES, ALL THE TIME. Welcome to Triangle Channel.

Mathematical operators have a distinctive "open" look to help set them apart. There are few exceptions (like ^) because these symbols are used in many non-math contexts.

The only one I'm not sure about at this point is the comma, which works fine for my purposes, but probably makes this font a pain for anyone who tries to read/write at length with it. XD

All Basic Latin is kerned for both cases! Use a mixed case to create weird alien scaffolding! Inverted ",." can be found on "µ¶".

Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲ Δ ▲


Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

coinsident? i don't think so

Comment by JingYo 7th april 2018

/°\ fnord

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

I've got a suggestion: why not make the lowercase like uppercase, but having the triangle's tip at the bottom (compared to it being at the top in uppercase)?

Comment by Cookielord 7th april 2018

Or create a version with the tirangles pointing down

Comment by anonymous-1520403 7th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en, that's what I mean. I just suggest putting them on lowercase instead of making a new font

Comment by Cookielord 7th april 2018

The idea of having the triangles point down is contrary to the design. Still, I added the lowercase for those who want it...

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

Sample with both upper and lower case

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

Nice! (Makes me remind of this logo and font by Spaz, in the early 1990s demoscene…)

Comment by dpla 10th april 2018

Kerning complete for lowercase letters + . (EDIT: All Basic Latin kerned in both cases! :D)

I'm currently working on creating a complete table of alternating-case glyph combinations, so I can kern the upward- and downward- facing triangles to form closer arrangements. I expect the result will look like some kind of alien scaffolding. :^)

Comment by zephram 30th april 2018

Faved. (Because the button on the Wii U at Page Width Zoom appears a bit small, There is margain to accidentally rate the font 1...)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 30th april 2018

Hmm... it seems kerning is application-specific. The programs I use to make samples don't support it. So I downloaded and used FireAlpaca, which has a text tool with adjustable letterspacing, to show what an alternating-case preview should look like. :^)

Comment by zephram 30th april 2018

Kerning for all Basic Latin characters finished!

I'm glad I took the suggestion to add the lowercase. This sample looks just like alien scaffolding, as predicted. :^)

Comment by zephram 30th april 2018

SAMPLE: One of the many bricks of alphabet lasagna I've created while trying to kern every combination of glyphs in the font. (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT ALPHABET LASAGNA)

Just over 5000 kerning operations down, many more to go. :^)

Comment by zephram 1st may 2018

Mmmmm... Lasagna...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st may 2018

the r is cool it reminds me of myself just chilling on my bed

Comment by Jadenalex 9th june 2021

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