AT Esrever

by kassymkulov

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Entry for the Reversecomp. It's based on the theme of counterclockwise (anticlockwise) direction that is represented by an arrow. Also, Esrever is Reverse written backwards.


Oh. Brilliant.

Comment by thalamic 22nd june 2017

The Y Z and 7 are a bit awkward.

Comment by thalamic 22nd june 2017

A doubly clever take on the word 'Reverse'. A very creative thought and work!

Comment by Aeolien 22nd june 2017

Thanks, glad you're liking this. 

The sample will make soon. 

@thalamic: I'll try to figure out some nicer versions.

Comment by kassymkulov 22nd june 2017

Esreverse is a palindrome

Comment by Brynda 22nd june 2017
Comment by kassymkulov 23rd june 2017
Comment by kassymkulov 25th june 2017

Hey, archie, have you checked out my entries yet...

Comment by Brynda 25th june 2017

What bricks are in the font?

Comment by Brynda 25th june 2017


Of course i've checked them, even commented on your first entry ;)

Bricks are pretty simple, just used the connecting bricks. Letters like A, R are a little complicated though:

Comment by kassymkulov 25th june 2017

2x2 filters.

Comment by Brynda 25th june 2017

How many unique bricks?

Comment by Brynda 25th june 2017

Yeah, 2x2 filters and I actually suggest everybody who's not using bezier curves to use 2x2 filters. That way, your fontstruct space flexibility doubles if I may say so.

And the other question you're asking is well, it depends, I used around 15 unique bricks here and depending on your skill you may increase or decrease it, varies from user to user.

I don't think this answers will help you much, and besides it'd be much easier for me to make this fontstruction clonable so as to avoid explaining the unnecessary details ) But it won't help you. The best thing to do for you is trying to make it yourself.

Comment by kassymkulov 25th june 2017

Great idea and excellent execution and samples. 2x2 is definitely the way to go. It more than doubles space flexibilty now, because it allows for bricks to be place in adjacent cells and to be nudged into place.

Comment by four 11th july 2017

1̹͙͈͈̠̬ͯ͊̊̆ͣ0̠̺̣̦̬̠̭͛/̩̞̯͈̥̥̓ͮ͛͌͑̚͟1̶̇ͩ0ͦ̆҉̭͕,̡͇ ̧̼͈̲̫̱̝Å̬̗̰̫̘̘̼ͬͪr̯͕͉̲̓̕c̩̖̖̹̑̅̅̌̃̏h̸̬͚̥͇̲͙̫ͬͥͨ̂̐i̪̿ͮè͇̯̼̯̙͍͉!͉͍̱̩͈̪ͨ̀́̔̅ͩ

Comment by qertuiput 16th july 2017

Precious like a jewel! I´m with four. Congrats, compañero, 10/10 & fav.

Comment by elmoyenique 17th july 2017

Great concept and perfect execution. The letters - made of arrows - look quite natural, and the text is easy to read. Very nice demos. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 18th july 2017
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “AT Esrever” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th july 2017


Comment by Brynda 18th july 2017

i love your new A avatar

Comment by Brynda 18th july 2017

Congratulations on our Members' Favourite FontStruction :) A set of arrows that quietly pointed to this great success. 

Comment by Aeolien 19th july 2017

Can you make one of the arrows point the other wat in the = glyph?

Comment by Brynda 19th july 2017

Thank you everybody for the support, really appreciated.

@Brynda: Already did and also I'm planning on finishing at least the full basic latin set so come back later to download it.

Comment by kassymkulov 19th july 2017

Ok. I hope you get started with accents...

Comment by Brynda 19th july 2017

Nicee! A simple yet strong approach. Never realized that it can be this effective and efficient. Congrats!

Comment by cablecomputer 23rd july 2017

Do Cyrillic, please.

Comment by emeraldfly94 15th august 2017


Comment by Brynda 15th august 2017

I'm on it.

Comment by kassymkulov 17th august 2017

I hope you can finish...

Comment by Brynda 17th august 2017

Somebody say Subway?

Comment by YUNG1S 9th december 2017

Good font. @YUNG1S: so: “Subway!” ;-)

Comment by dpla 10th december 2017

I find the angles, overlaps, and directional arrows in this font so interesting. And with all the tight work and everything, the legibility of every character is still there. Not easy to do. A funly functional font, and the 'reverse'(d) font is clever too!

Comment by diligentdave 13th july 2019

Cool! i even made a similar font!

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 6th january 2022

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